Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 



      Attributes of the unconscious mind


  • Store memories – temporal and a-temporal                                  
  • Makes associations and learns quickly                                                      
  • Organises all memories
  • Represses memories with unresolved negative emotions
  • Presents repressed memories for resolution
  • May keep repressed emotions for protection   
  • Runs the body and has a blueprint of it in the present and in perfect health and autonomy
  • Preserves the body and maintains its integrity
  • Is the domain of emotions
  • Is a highly moral entity, guiding from the morality that was taught and accepted by the developing person
  • Enjoys serving and needs clear orders to follow.
  • Controls and maintains all perceptions both regular and telepathic and will receive and transmit these to the conscious mind.
  • Generates, stores, distributes and transmits energy.     
  • Needs repetition until a habit is installed.
  • Is programmed to seek more and more.                                           
  • Functions best as a whole integrated unit. 
  • Uses and responds to symbols and metaphors
  • Takes everything personally.  
  • Works on the principle of least effort and will follow the path of least resistance.  
  •  Does not process negatives directly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .