Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 


 My approach



I  work from a holistic view integrating counselling, psychotherapy, energy work and hypnosis to assist with change and insight.

Sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of each person through the first meeting. This is thorogh assessment with setting goals and outcomes.


After the initial assessment  interventions are used based on the information that is presented. The most efficient and appropriate techniques are structured to gain the results desired.

Outcomes and goals are monitored throughout treatment.




The use of hypnosis


Hypnosis is used as a communication and healing technique to achieve a direct understanding of patterns which have become ingrained in the unconscious mind that are inhibiting a person from living a full and desired life. From a healing perspective hypnosis can be used for mind body communication to understand how a physical ailment has manifested from trauma and emotional distress. The unconscious mind acts much like a computer hard drive and is susceptible to programming, on occasions taking ideas and suggestions literally at an early age can result in a disrupted physiology.



While experiencing hypnosis there is conscious awareness at all times.

In the hypnotic state a person is aware of their surroundings and the voice of the therapist.
Consciousness never disappears in hypnosis. The conscious mind with agreement stands aside as an onlooker and can intervene whenever necessary. Most of the hypnosis I work with is mainly medatitive. Working with mediations helps a person be more self directive.