Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 

Mind Body Therapy



Mind body Therapy is the use of hypnosis to understand the emotional unconscious contribution to physical ailments. In the event of a physical issue not being able to respond to allopathic treatment, the mind body connection is explored through hypnotic techniques.

The unconscious mind is susceptible to programming at an early age; this is known as the pre-operational stages of cognitive development. It is during this time that information is taken literally and symbolically. A child lives from a subjective position, less aware of external events.


The unconscious creates associations of thought that are senseless to the conscious mind and equally senseless identification of the self with real or imagined unfortunate people. A child who may have displayed a normal amount of hatred towards a parent after an unfair punishment may sufferer untold agonies of guilt if a severe illness or accidental death of a parent occurs soon after the episode. The unconscious feeling of guilt may become activated on the eve of surgery. The contributing factor lies in the fact that any conscious glimmer of understanding of the feeling is immediately discarded as being ridiculous. The unconscious mind decides, “I killed my father. I wished he would die that time when he was mean. He died. I deserve to die” (Rossi & Cheek). With such a belief, the unconscious can manifest an illness which serves the statement.


Here is a clear example of the literal interpretation which the unconscious mind made at a time when the emotional charge of the event allowed for the mind to be programmed by a belief. In dialectical behavioural therapy the mind is seen in three ways, emotional, logical and wise. In the above situation a logical interpretation is made from the unconscious based on deductive reasoning from unconscious knowledge.  In the hypnotic state the wise mind can be accessed with further understanding brought to the situation. 


A further example, a client presented with the desire to reduce weight to help with her infertility. At the time she had endometriosis with elevated testosterone levels. As issues were dealt with regarding weight gain the unconscious mind was asked if anything else needs to be understood for greater health. A yes response revealed that the client’s father had left the household at the age of six. Her mother told her that she could be the man of the house. This suggestion was taken literally by her unconscious and the client developed male traits which suppressed her feminine side. Re-educating the unconscious mind and changing present day behaviours which engaged  her feminine side allowed her testosterone level to drop her endometriosis to become inactive and resulted in her becoming pregnant six weeks after the session. 


Mind body healing brings balance to disrupted body systems that has resulted in psychosomatic illness.



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