Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 




Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy combining the trance induction of hypnosis with individualised techniques of counselling secured by each hypnotherapist uniquely. Therefore hypnotherapy cannot be confined within a detailed description. Every hypnotherapist has specialised tools, techniques and background specifically directed to the counselling field. Hypnotherapy encompasses a holistic approach to health and healing and total persons well being. Hypnotherapy is a rapid change intervention which reshapes the client’s feelings of competence and capability. Within the sessions of hypnotherapy one may discover hidden memories latent creativity new insights, feelings of confidence an awakened sense of self, release fears or touch a deep emotion.



In hypnotherapy one can come to realisation that we are responsible for our own realities and can choose to change or re-creates our perceptions and beliefs to create a reality by choice, not the mere acceptance of what we have been led to believe by others from an early age.  This concept of consciousness of self or awakening of self is one of the highest rewards of hypnotherapy.




Transforming Therapy



This system of hypnotherapy used is a process of reaching touching and accepting the inner child by releasing blockages and recreating past negative perceptions that relates to negative behaviour in the present. Transforming therapy was created by hypnotherapist Gil Boyne and combines Gestalt Therapy with hypnosis to create effective change.


Our present experiences are influenced by past memories contained in our subconscious mind. When we change and let go of the emotional charge of unpleasant events we also change our current beliefs attitudes and motivations towards reality.


We can manifest a creative and successful present and future by reprogramming the pass stored in our subconscious mind. As children we are unable to choose the belief structure or conditioning we received from our parents, peers and environment. As adults we can reprogram or rewrite our past scripts and the roles being played in the present. Re-creation is a dynamic therapy process which works simply and gently to help one manifest a desired future.


Transformation literally means to transform or restructure. It is the process of change in which the higher levels of the higher mind, love and unity are integrated into one's personality and consciousness. Through the process of transformation, division between mind and heart are healed and the inner dualities of masculine and feminine natures are reunited. 

The yin and yang are balanced from within. Transformative experience reflects light on the soul  and guides one to a new knowing of the centre and awakening of the self.


Transforming therapy is used when the life we are living does not suit who we are becoming. When there is a desire for change and past events weigh our psyches down. By releasing the old and allowing the new to come into our being we can create a path to a fuller and richer life.

Bereavement, experiencing a trauma, loss of identity, the break up of a relationship and prolonged depression are all issue where transforming therapy can be helpful.










Hypnosis is a natural state of mind an altered state of awareness that is an everyday occurrence. Being engrossed in a book or car journey having lost time and place and fluent typing are all natural ways in which the mind experiences trance. They all come from within. The role of the hypnotherapist is to guide a person into, deepen and access their own hypnotic state and the minds ability to heal the psyche and body. 


The healing attributes of hypnosis are plentiful. When used for stress reduction the same brain mechanism are engaged as when practising meditation. The main stress hormones, cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenalin are lowered allowing the immune system to strengthen, reducing stress considerably. Most notably, hypnosis for surgery allows those with allergic reaction to anaesthetic to have a comfortable experience without the use of drugs.                                                        

However, in the main it is not so much the use of hypnosis but rather the minds ability to heal the body and psyche. The state can be described as deep meditative way of mind which would be the description that a Shaolin  Monk would use when performing certain feats of strength.




The use of hypnosis


Hypnosis is used as a communication and healing technique to achieve a direct understanding of patterns which have become ingrained in the unconscious mind that are inhibiting a person from living a full and desired life. From a healing perspective hypnosis can be used for mind body communication to understand how a physical ailment has manifested from trauma and emotional distress. The unconscious mind acts much like a computer hard drive and is susceptible to programming, on occasions taking ideas and suggestions literally at an early age can result in a disrupted physiology and belief system. The relief of hay fever from several clients due to unconscious programming, simply believing they would get hayfever at a particular time of year is one example of how suggestions can affect an individual.



What to expect from being in hypnosis



Every person has at some time experienced trance naturally. When experiencing trance through hypnosis some feel a profound feeling of relaxation while others who find it difficult to relax just feel very still inside. It can be  very different for each person.



During hypnosis you have conscious awareness at all times.

If you have never experienced hypnosis do not expect to feel hypnotised. Most people expect to feel unaware and totally out of it. This is because most believe hypnosis to be something it is not. In hypnosis a person is fully aware of their surroundings and the voice of the therapist.

Anytime you wish to you are able to terminate the session. You are in charge the feeling comes from within you. You will only accept ideas that are consistent with your beliefs and values.
Consciousness never disappears in hypnosis. The conscious mind with agreement stands aside as an onlooker and can intervene whenever necessary.
Therefore you are always aware and in control.