Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 

The human energy field

The physical body is encased in an electromagnetic field known as the human energy field. Also known as, the aura it has seven layers which correspond to and relate to the seven chakras. Each layer can become damaged through trauma and clogged with other energies. When this happens, a person can have adverse feelings of heaviness and tiredness. A person can lose energy through a damaged energy field. Overtime-physical symptoms occur as the organs become starved of energy. Along with the physical, a healer works on the energy field by strengthening, repairing and recharging it.


First layer

This level is related physicality how we feel sensations of pleasure and pain. When the body is in pain, this layer is damaged. Energy flowing freely at this level assists with a healthy physical body. A strong physical body reflects a fully charged and healthy first layer. When functioning properly a person is able to enjoy physical sensations of all the senses. Physical contact with others is enjoyable. When weak a person has the desire to avoid physical activity preferring food to exercise and avoid physical contact.    


Second layer

This level is connected to emotions and feelings about ourselves. This layer has a variety of colours within it of the spectrum which are enhanced with positive feelings. Accepting all of our feelings good or bad allows the energy to flow through this layer. When a person does not allow himself or herself to feel feelings this level becomes clogged and darkens. Functioning well a person has a healthy degree of self-love and is comfortable in their skin. Damaged and not charged a individual will not like themselves and have difficulty with self acceptance as feelings are not acknowledge, owned creating self rejection.


Third layer

This layer is associated with our mental rational world. When charged and healthy it allows for clear rational thought and intuition. It corresponds with the two preceding levels assisting with clearly understanding how we feel about ourselves and translating feelings of safety from the first layer. Therefore, if the layers around the third level are not flowing freely a person can be caught in metalizing their experiences limiting their expression through cutting off feelings. When charged there is a desire to learn and engage with mental activity. Damage to this level will reflect in not being interested in mental or academic desires. Negative thoughts affect this area by creating dark energy within it.


Fourth layer

This level is the relational field and associates with how we connect with others and all of life. This area carries the energy of our relationships with others. Most notably, intimate connections hold patterned energy within this layer. Charged and healthy an individual has good relationship with family friends and enjoys connecting with others. As it connects with the heart, love and bounding are related to this level and it flows freely between self and others. Damaged and weak this produces distance between others and connecting is difficult. A person may be a loner and have difficulty building relationships, as it feels unnatural and disharmonious with how they feel. Being around others with a strong fourth layer can overwhelm a person as their energy can feel overpowering.


Fifth layer

This layer is connected to divine will. We attune to the divine at this level.  Being aligned with our divine will, we are able to be in touch with our soul purpose our higher will. When connected to this level and it is charged an individual feels of great purpose with life and all of it. There is a universal awareness that we are creating all of our reality. A person has a healthy sense of order in their life and it is structured with meaning and purpose. Associating, connecting with this level we can begin to drop our social masks and be who we truly are.When damaged or uncharged this results in feeling unconnected to life and ones higher purpose. Life may feel that it is happening to us instead of creating the life we want. A person feels disconnected to their surroundings and would have difficulty with structure and order to the degree of even rebelling against it.  


Sixth layer

This level is connected to our feelings with divine love. Fully charged and healthy a person connects with their spirituality feels a sense of peace from the divine. This is enhanced through meditative practices. This layer allows us to connect with a variety of spiritual worlds and inspirational experiences. If this layer is damaged and weak, a person will have no connection with the divine and lack higher inspiration. Any notion of the spiritual realm is not conceivable to a person when this level is weak. When this layer is stronger than the others there can be an over indulgence with the spiritual realm. This becomes an avoidance pattern of not dealing with physical reality. 


Seventh layer

The seventh layer is connected to divine mind. When healthy and charged a person has creative ideas and inspiration and is aware of existential life. Clear understanding of the nature of god is experienced along with the ability to understand complex material. Underdeveloped or damaged a person will not view life as interconnected and they lack creative awareness. Again, anything spiritual will be incomprehensible as there will be no awareness of this realm. Life would be conceived as chaotic and random.