Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 

Understanding the functions of the chakras


Each chakra represents specific psychological functions and feeds energy to the surrounding organs. When they become blocked, over time the organs starved of energy become diseased along with impaired psychological functioning. Furthermore, they resonate at a specific frequency with each note of the diatonic scale. Hence the reason why music can be so uplifting as it cleanses the chakras. 

As an example, the stomach area consists of the sacral and solar plexus chakras. When these are, blocked difficulties with digestion are not only physical but also relational to the individual’s personal experiences. Therefore, a person can have difficulty digesting their reality or a specific event, creating an energy block in that area of the body. 


Base chakra

The base chakra helps with accepting and managing physical reality, our sexuality and grounds us to the earth. The base chakra also known as the root is the foundation for all life and the starting point which supports the other chakras. It is here that Kundalini energy enters the body when a person has a spiritual awakening. Functioning properly a person has physical power and confidence in their ability to achieve in life and psychological health proceeds with a healthy connection to physical reality.

A poorly functioning base chakra results in difficulty with accepting reality and escapism can develop through addictions and self-indulgence. Issues of overweight and constipation can occur from this area functioning poorly. Furthermore, an individual can behave very defensively with anger, forcing their will onto others out of lack of trust in life and fear of not being able to survive. Feelings of uncertainty and lack of emotional strength and stamina result from this area being blocked. Life has a tendency to be a struggle and a burden. When the higher chakras are more developed than the lower ones, there is a feeling of not belonging on the earth. This can be common with those who have high emotional and spiritual intelligence; they have to learn to be in this world.   


Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra assists with interpersonal relationships and relates to our personal desires. When this area is functioning harmoniously, we are open to others without defence. Sexual union with ones mate is flowing evenly when this chakra is healthy. The ability to connect emotionally with one’s self and others is natural when this area is energised and functioning properly.  When functioning poorly a person has difficulty accepting and processing sexual feelings. This can result in a lack of self- acceptance resulting in low self-esteem. Furthermore, early non-acceptance of intimate sensual feelings can result in rejecting sexuality in its most healthy form. What occurs is an individual uses sex as a drug rather than a way of connecting intimately. Emotional coldness becomes a way of coping with an inability to connect.


Solar plexus

This area is connected to our sense of self, our personality and personal power. It is the main area which affects the lower two chakras the sacral and base by purifying their desires acting to create balance of primordial desires. When it is energised, the solar plexus allows for feelings of joy and uplift within the personality. Self-acceptance and self-love are natural attributes of a healthy solar plexus chakra along with inner peace, respect for others and feelings are acknowledged.

When this area is out of balance, a person wishes to control and rule their outer world including others. There is also an inner feeling of agitation of not being in harmony with one’s self. This result of this is that a person has to constantly be engaged with doing to avoid being with themselves. Difficulty with self-expression and feeling certain about ones actions and seeing positive outcomes in life is another aspect of a poorly functioning solar plexus chakra.



The heart is the centre of the chakra system and allows an individual to empathise and connect with others. It lets us see the beauty in the world. A healthy functioning heart chakra allows an individual to give and receive love unconditionally, allowing them to connect fully with life and others. It also relates to the solar plexus, in providing healthy self-love and acceptance. The heart has the ability to neutralise negative emotions of anger, grief and despair by directing love to them. In addition, it is able to assist with reconciliation and bring harmony to difficult situations and experiences, through the action of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. 

When blocked a person gives with the desire to receive and often feels disheartened and disappointed when their giving is not reciprocated and relationships become strained. Further difficulty arises in not being able to receive love and a person can be shut down and fearful when love is directed at them. Depression is often a result of not being open to receive love as it reflects interpersonal relationships with self and others.       



The throat chakra is the centre of expression and connection. It is connected to how we express feelings, impulses and reactions of our inner world and is associated with the sacral chakra. This energy centre enables us to reflect on thoughts, emotions helping to create clarity distinguishing their differences allowing a person not to be ruled by emotions and dominated by physical sensations. Other aspects of this chakra functioning properly are the ability to say no without difficulty, not be swayed by others opinions and be independent and self-determining. Self trust and open communication with others is another aspect of a healthy functioning throat chakra.

When blocked there is poor connection between mind and body. This creates difficulty-expressing thoughts and emotions and they are expressed through negative actions. A person may hide behind their intellect and avoiding contact with another. Feelings of self-judgment are held, as the ability to be honest and open with self and others is restricted. This results in a mask of appearing strong. Rather it is a way to avoiding emotions and vulnerability out of fear. Uncertainty with vocalising one’s needs and withdrawal into the inner self are other aspects of a blocked throat chakra. Fear of criticism and insecurities have a tendency to dominate a person’s life when this area is blocked        


Third eye

The third eye is situated in the centre of the forehead is connected to our mental abilities. It connects to the central nervous system and is the point of manifestation as it regulates our thought processes; every thought is the start of a creative process. Our reality is created by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions of life. We see the world as we are not as it is. A healthy functioning third eye connects with the creative, expressive energies of the lower chakras, seeing the totality of life in its multi-dimensional realm and perception is open.

When unbalanced a person is enamoured by their intellect. This results in being overly analytical and metalizing reality, not seeing the bigger picture to life. Opinions and judgments tend to rule the individuals way of perceiving and functioning. Intellectual arrogance is the outcome of an unbalanced third eye. Perception is mental without any felt sense of a wider awareness. Scientific fanaticism results in seeing the world through physical and mental lenses. Life tends to be dominated by the physical realm being caught in the social persona, mask of how things should be a mechanistic view of the world through non-emotional alignment with the heart centre. Deny of the spiritual realm is the consequence of this area being blocked and unbalanced.   



The crown chakra is the seventh energy centre, resides at the top of the head, and connects to the universal source of life. This chakra allows for mystical, spiritual experiences to occur when open and functioning well. At this level of awareness peace, joy and unity with all life is experienced. When open to the energy of source an individual transcends the ego and acts from the place of love and a higher purpose. Personal gain and self-agenda does not play a role in a person’s action as they act for the better and higher purpose of the collective. There is the awareness that all of life is interconnected and a person with a healthy crown chakra has a healthy relationship with divinity. When this energy centre is blocked, an individual suffers from isolation, loneliness with an inability to connect with others. There is also difficulty in having direction in life and a person finds it hard to set goals with a general feeling of disconnection to their spirituality.