Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 

About Healing


Energy healing is the transference of source energy from healer to patient through the means of light touch or hands being held at a distance from the patient’s body.

Source energy maybe referred to as god or spirit or to which ever an individual perceives a higher power.  A healer through training, self-development and meditation connects with this energy and is a channel for it during a healing session.

Healing is a holistic modality which works with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of a person


Our energy system can become blocked and damaged in a number of ways most significantly, when feelings during painful and difficult times go unexpressed.  We are never taught to be fully expressive in our distress and this is how we block our natural flow of energy, by not feeling our feelings.

Throughout our everyday lives, we can pick up energies in the environment and of other people, leaving us heavy the tired.


The human energy system consists of an aura which has seven layers and seven chakra’s, which are spinning vortex’s that pull in energy from all around us. It is the mind in the body. We now understand that the brain is a receptor of what goes on in the body and very often; we use expressive language that describes damage to our energy system such as, a knot in the stomach, weight on the shoulders and a knife in the heart.

The advantages of energy healing are that it helps release and repairing our energy system along with relieving stress, assisting psychological health and spiritual growth.


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