Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy
    Lindsay Morris Hypno-psychotherapy 

Helping with Infertility


This approach is from a holistic perspective  looking at the physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and environmental apects of ones life. It is a way in which greater balance can be brought into the mind and body to assist  in becoming fertile by acknowledging thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and values. If an individual has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, there would be many missing aspects which have not be looked upon and taken into account. A holistic approach would help cover further missed perceptions and ideas that could lead to creating a fertile body.


The Fertile Body Method is a therapeutic framework developed by hypnotherapist  Sjanie Hugo consisting of six stages of treatment which are:


Outcome: The first stage is to determine the desired outcome for hypnotherapy treatment. This includes the goal, gathering information and determining the best possible course for treatment.


Balance: The second stage of treament addresses the current mental , emotional and physical state by restoring balance to internal and external factors that may be affecting overall wellbeing. This may include addressing negative self talk, stress levels, beliefs and values, diet lifestyle and other environmental factors. The main aims of this stage are to stabalise, build ego strength , develop inner reasources, harmony and balance to increase feelings of wellbeing.


Resolve: Once greater psychological and emotional wellbeing has been established, the third treatment stage addresses any unresolved issues that may be preventing the couple from becoming parents. Important issues may include addressing fears, resolving past trauma's or dealing with sexual or relationship issues. During this stage of treatment issues such as previous terminations , miscarrages and stillbirths that have not been fully processed are worked through and integrated allowing for the mind and body to be in balance.


Enhance: The fourth stage of treatment works specifically with the conscious and unconscious mind to enhance fertility. This is predominately achieved through, mindfulness, visualisation, guided imagery, mental rehearsal and learing self hypnosis.


Prepare: The fifth stage is focused on preparation. This could be for pregnacy, birth or parenthood. It also includes mental , emotional and physical preparation for any medical treatments such as IVF.


Support: The sixth stage of treatment aims to give support and help to maintain the changes that have been made. This could be working with if conception does not occur; the pregnancy results in a miscarriage ; IVF fails or a healthy pregnancy ensues. Irrespective of the outcome of treatment, this final stage offers support and guidance for the transition. During this stage help may be given to make difficult decisions about the path to parenthood or support in coming to terms with not having children.



Very often there can be one or two issues that are blocking a person becoming pregnant . A clear example is that many women have engaged in a dominant role to move ahead in life. Of course there is nothing wrong with this yet it can sometimes throw the body out of balance as it engages more with the male energy creating an inner physiological  environment that can block fertility. Being brought up to believe that having children is something that everyone does is another issue that often can often drive a sense of urgency and inner stress. Undertsanding that having children later on in life is another option and this can free up much stress releasing the need to live up to others expectations.

Mostly the method helps a person find what is right for them and aids a sense of peace and acceptance with coming to the right decision. Furthermore sometimes the soul, heart and mind may be in conflict which means there maybe the desire to birth something else in life before having children and that the maternal self is being lived and explored.














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